Everything happens for a reason

Inclusion for me is to always think twice before rejecting and accepting a person. I “value” people for who they are – not for what they look like. Since I have friends who play professional wheelchair basketball, I have tremendous respect for people with disabilities. They are definitely lighter hearted and work five times as hard to reach goals.

Everybody wants to be talked – and listened to – with respect
I have been working with unprivileged kids in west Africa for 8 years, during Ebola as well the after math or the pandemic. The coming denominator I see when it comes to the difference with kids who has mental disabilities, no parents or a roof over their heads: They all like to be talked to and listened to with respect. Simple, that’s how I deal with all kids, but in different ways.

Real – recognize real!
Some people you’ve never met, can be the people you have most things in common with, more than friends you’ve known your whole life. I have had an ADHD diagnosis from 6 years old and I’ve been struggling and fighting with difficulties throughout my life. My peers never saw things the same way I did, which made me question myself a lot growing up. Not to mention I was the only black kid in kindergarten up till middle school. And the only black girl in my basketball club “IK Eos” Lund.

I often felt mistreated
I battened a lot of racism both in school and at the basketball court. Even though I thrived at basketball I had a hard time controlling my reactions of getting mistreated. That of course led to me coming off as the instigator, because I usually would explode in rage and overpower my peers and teachers as well as youth leaders.

I have fought to be the person I am today
With this background, I have gained knowledge beyond measurements compared to my friends as well as coaches and I have fought to be the person I am today. I can relate to kids with similar behaviours and adapt quickly to my surroundings.

Pain, obstacles and adhd makes you strong
So, to sum it up. I consider pain, obstacles and adhd as a power. Nobody can tell me I never worked hard for things, cause that’s all I did and is still doing. I broke my foot before the youth World championship in basketball so I had to learn that everything happens for a reason.