Welcome to Modality’s Fashion Film, where art and fashion intertwine to tell captivating stories. In 2021, we had the honour of showcasing our first Fashion film, “Out of Darkness and Into the Light,” at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. This extraordinary film chronicles the founder’s personal journey with MS and the transformative HSCT (Stemcell) treatment that saved her life.

Through the power of art and fashion, we delve into the depths of the emotional rollercoaster that words alone cannot capture. With multiple layers of meaning, this story is truly a beacon of hope. Filmed at Malmö Live by the talented duo, Emma and Thomas Althin, and captured through the lens of Sven Strömqvist, every frame radiates with authenticity. Thanks to Nikki Kappa-Johansson’s exceptional make-up and styling, our vision came to life, while Anne Carlsson’s choreography and the dancers from Arnbergs Dance studio added a mesmerizing touch. Completing the visual masterpiece, Jake Dubber’s creative display elevates the film’s impact.

Join us on this extraordinary journey, where Modality takes you beyond the ordinary and into a world of artistic inspiration.