The best combination of technology and creativity!

For as long as I can remember I have been interested in photography and images and after some time working as a photo assistant at IKEA Communications I realized how much fun it is to work with photography! I really felt that I had ended up in the right place. Now I have been freelance photographer for many years

The best thing about my job is the freedom.
It can be a bit lonely and, above all, financially uncertain to run your own business. The state of the economy affects the number of assignments. But I still don’t regret my choice and the freedom I have now is unbeatable! I get photo jobs from a variety of clients, but what I’ve worked on the most is probably interior design. And it is an industry that I enjoy very much.

Better to try and fail than never take the chance.
I probably take a lot for granted that everyone should be included and accepted and once I get an assignment, the customer has often made their choices and I have little opportunity to influence. But we are careful to have an equal representation in the studio where I work! 

I don’t want to end up in the situation of regretting what I haven’t done. Better to try and fail than never take the chance! That’s my motivating thought.

Niklas Edeheim

Nilund Photography