Thinking without doing, is nothing else but dreaming

That has been my motto since sometime in my late teens. I have always been a dreamer and I have periodically been very thoughtful (and sometimes frustrated) about how to balance reality with the dream. For the past 15 years, I have occasionally realized that I am in the middle of one of my former dreams. I think it could be a lot thanks to the meaning of the motto and what it means to me.

When you work with people, nothing ever stands still
I have always loved to express myself and my surroundings in color and form. The world of expression through texture, shades and intensity, the details or the whole gives me a creative and happy energy. It can be applied to everything and everyone, in completely unique ways. Color theory combined with interest and knowledge of people’s skin in different shades, teamwork, storytelling and common goals. Chemistry, traveling, meeting and thinking, designing and communicating (along with a lot of patience and love for human differences) became a career that I love. When you work with people, nothing ever stands still and that suits me.

Inclusion is so obvious to me that I never really thought about it
I grew up with sensitive people and many animals and am just as sensitive myself.Sensitive is a word that is interpreted in many different ways. For me it means that something is moving, nothing is set in stone, you never stop learning and you should never say you know. To me sensitive is a good word when balanced. And balance in the word sensitive, I think, is created by inclusion. To be seen, heard and valued for exactly who you are.

My biggest challenge is to include myself
As a freelancer with my company House of Air, I strive to take on “different-from-each-other projects”. To not land in a rut, but to continue learning. Because time is relative and as changeable as emotions – sometimes I can be away, sometimes I have to be at home.Because there are so many different forms of magic in teamwork – during studio recording with an audience, live music, on set with a film, in the studio with photographer/models or quick changes behind the scenes of a musical. My biggest challenge is – and has always been – that in the middle of including everyone else, human or production, also include myself and my own physical and mental health. I’ve come to the conclusion that if I see that I can’t do it in an upcoming project, I say no. Take care of each other!


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