My challenge is to balance my own core values with those of the industry.

As a female and more so a black entrepreneur in the beauty industry as well as an influencer, the hardest thing has been to balance my own core values with those of the industry and its perception of who and what I should be. Also, not allowing it to affect me in ways beyond my control. Another challenge which goes hand in hand with this is the lack of resources I’ve had to overcome. Not having a network or the financial funds to start off with.

We represent all aspects, genders, ages, abilities and tones.
Inclusion to us at FÄRG EMPOWERMENT and BeautyHack magazine means that everyone is represented in the decision making and executive key roles. It means a full circle in terms of representing all aspects, genders, ages, abilities and tones. We work with this in all aspects of our brands and our products, making sure we have something to offer everyone. The work is done by making sure we’re the first steppingstone for young creatives and people outside what society considers as normative. We offer young people their first job, a safe space in which they can explore, express and evolve at their own pace and ability.

We rise by lifting each other!
My motivational quote is to give more than you take, but always remember what you are worth and what your end goal is! It means that in life we should always remember to give to others, may it be a community, friends or family. We rise by lifting others. But we should also demand to be celebrated the way we celebrate others, be given what we give to others.

Remembering why we do what we do will keep us motivated
I believe that if one does give to others without expecting them to give back, the universe and God will multiply it times ten! So, the getting may not be from who or what we’re giving to, but we shouldn’t allow people to treat us bad and therefore we need to know our worth as human beings regardless of in which constellation we find ourselves.

We also need to remember our end goal, because living in a world with all its different and unique people and life experiences we will endure obstacles and challenges, remembering why we do what we do will keep us motivated to not give up and survive the days of struggle until we see those of thriving!