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“We are a global fashion retailer which specialises in showcasing independent designers who wish to work for themselves and not become a slave to the masses.

The production team scoured the globe looking for the best producers and the best designers.

The aim to educate the masses that clothing design is a rare skill worthy of recognition encompassing architecture proportion, movement and comfort and doesn’t stand still, keeps moving and progresses forward always.

Designers that have chosen to work with us travel with us also. We participate in trade fairs so that designers maybe able to stock your corner store where ever you are anywhere in the world. Be ready to view new ranges each year at trade fairs.”

1001 Creators

“1001Creators is your fashion designer’s house and your innovative fashion e-store.

The objective is to bridge the gap between designers from all walks of life and fashion lovers who are looking for quality clothing with a variety of styles to get out of the world of standards.”

In contrast to the giants in the textile industry, which offer clothing with similar styles and mass production of millions of items.